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What we are?

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PMK is a leading national level developmental organization located in headquartered at Zirabo, Ashulia,Dhaka. It was initiated by the voluntary efforts of a group of local men and women. It was registered formally in 1988 with the Directorate of Social Service and later in 1993 with NGO Affairs Bureau to receive foreign donations. PMK was initiated with the inspiration and leadership of Ms. Kamrun Nahar, the present Chief Executive of the organization. Ms. Nahar received cooperation and all out support from her spouse Mr. Dewan Abdul Mannan who is a philanthropist and an established businessman.


A Society, which is economically productive and equitable, socially just, environmentally sound and effectively democratic.


Participatory sustainable development provided institutional support to the poor (particularly women).


The overall objective of PMK is to alleviate the poverty of the poor and very poor families and empower the women on social and economic aspects.

Development Perspective

PMK dreams of a society free from starvation, malnutrition, oppression and exploitation, poverty and ignorance where every individual will be able to live in peace and harmony and enjoy the rightful share of the resources belonging to the society. It believes that participatory leadership, stimulation of human capital towards self-actualization, institutional development and utilization of local resources can ensure social justice and rural development. Its vision and mission are embedded on the conviction that the important needs of the people is not charitable relief but self-respect and self-reliance, in a way they develop their ability for their personal, social, educational, economic and legal advancement, which will ultimately lead to social and economic empowerment.

Major Activities

To bring self-reliance among the powerless poor women is to promote their socio-economic status and facilitate in establishing their human rights. The reason is that they themselves can plan and implement different socio-economic and environmental activities. PMK provides the following board services:

·        Financial intermediation through microfinance.

·        Micro enterprises.

·        Microfinance support for poultry and livestock development.

·        Microfinance support for agricultural development.

·        Microfinance support for housing.

·        Consumer credit.

PMK executes the following programs:

·        Financial services that includes savings, credit and insurance.

·        NEED (Necessity of Enterprise for Enhanced Development) and MEL (Micro Enterprise Loan) program.

·        Primary health care.

·        Hospital and Diagnostic Services.

·        Education.

·        Promotion of environmental and social forestry.

·        Disaster management.

·        Participatory livestock development project.


Last five years trend report

Year Member Borrower Savings (Taka in Million) Loan Portfolio (Taka in Million)
2020 276052 206194 3822 10269
2019 269551 207288 3277 9009
2018 243083 192458 2462 6291
2017 219258 176204 1962 4975
2016 208700 164455 1536 4204


PMK Head Office

Palli Mongal Karmosuchi (PMK)

Zirabo, Ashulia, Dhaka

+88 01709 91 40 00

+88 01877 70 40 00

PMK Dhaka Office

Palli Mongal Karmosuchi (PMK)

Floor # 2/A & B, House # 123, Road # 13/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

+88 0877 70 30 00