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IT Department & Management Information System 

To make effective use of information technology PMK has introduces a separate department called ICT Department in 2010. The aim is to computerize all functions based on software. In order to effectively implement software programs, PMK has concluded an agreement with software Company called Data Soft Systems Ltd.

In PMK all branches including the head office have been computerized. It has both software-based Management Information System (MIS) and Financial Information System (FIS).

PMK has been working very hard for the last few years to fully automate its MIS and FIS reporting for all branches and central office. Despite wide geographical locations, lack of resources and inherent implementation hazards its steady progress is significantly visible. This article summarizes PMKsoftware solution details and its present implementation status.

Followings are major features of Microfinance Management Systems Software.

  • It records day to day financial activities in electronic format and then produces management monitoring reports at required frequencies
  • It is flexible enough to cater the needs of MFI operations in any PMK model MFI yet produces standardized MIS and FIS reports for each level of users.
  • Its unique feature is customizable micro-credit program parameters (e.g. interest rate, amortization, duration etc), which allows MFI’s to offer products without any additional development work.
  • Produce any report as per required of MRA (Microcredit Regulatory Authority), PKSF (Palli Karmo Sayak Foundation) and others donor organization.
  • API for Mobile Banking.
  • Data Export Systems for MFCIB.