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A programme to promote agriculture and livestock

PMK launched Seasonal Loan (now known as Sufolon) programme in the year 2006. This groundbreaking programme of PMK offers flexibilities and has become a prominent core programme of PMK covering a major share of the yearly loan disbursement. Since its inception, this unique loan product has created tremendous impetus for the investment of different IGAs such as crop cultivation and processing, livestock, fisheries, agro-forestry agro-processing etc. The provision of the loan repayment in a single installment after the sale of the product has made it very popular among the borrowers, especially those engaged in beef fattening and crop cultivation.

The extension of financial services to the poor community is increasingly becoming very important as a means of poverty reduction interventions. Some areas of the country have lack access to financial support. The Agricultural sector is one such area where financial service providers are not inclined to support. The high degree of risk involved in this sector is one of the main reasons for this aversion. PMK started the Micro Finance for Marginal and Small Farmer Project (MFMSFP) in 2005. The success of this project led PMK to design and introduce the Sufolon (Agriculture Sector Microcredit) Program in 2008.

Sufolon offers comprehensive training program for the farmers and staff of the organization to develop their capacity in agricultural lending. To improve Sufolon program, attention is given to research, development of high-yielding seed, management of irrigation, mechanized and technology-based farming, and vocational education to produce skilled human resources and increased productivity.

Lending activities under Sufolon

Last five years trend report

Year Member Borrower Savings (Taka in Million) Loan Portfolio (Taka in Million)
2020 70065 53555 637 2073
2019 29919 18805 213 467
2018 21221 14671 149 306
2017 20425 16042 131 311
2016 12451 9822 68 200


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