Microfinance Program

Through its microfinance program, PMK stresses on supporting economic activities to generate employment and income to reduce income inequality among the disadvantaged and the poor. Presently PMK provides its flexible financial services to almost 3 lac poor people through its 247 branch offices. PMK has been providing financial services and nursing to the target people through its credit program since 1991.

Goal of Microfinance program:

The main goal of credit program is to alleviate poverty gradually from the society by providing financial assistance and diversifying and increasing income with a view to ensuring optimum alternative use of assets, capabilities and potentialities of the target people.  PMK has been implementing its credit program with the following goal and target people:

◊  To Empower the poor and poorest women throw their direct involvement.

  Removing illiteracy and superstition from the society.

  Special Emphases on sustainability of its beneficiaries .

  To create self employment skip of wage employment through formation and enhancement of enterprise.
  To increase empowerment and social status of women.

  To reduce dependency of money lender.

  Analyzing resources and financial potentialities of the target people.

  Making them savings-oriented for the sake of increasing their capabilities and assets.

  To ensure gender equity and equality everywhere.

  To build leadership among poor women.

◊ Creating self and wage-based employment and ensuring women empowerment;

That rule is followed for microfinance program implementation:

  Area selection and feasibility study.

  Identification of target people.

  Group formation.

  Loan product fixation.

 Staff orientation and training.

 Providing  project related training and technical support of target people.

 Savings mobilization.

 Project Analysis on the loan demand of the beneficiaries.

 Continuous follow up and any support to beneficiaries and project after loan disbursement.

 Risk Factor analysis of the program.

 Continuous communication with the borrower.

 Sharing and successful borrowers record with the others borrowers.

 Continuously update operational policies as per experience from the field.

 Continuous online and offline supervision and monitoring with the immediate and HO level staff.    

PMK provide bellows loan product:

 Jagoron (Rural and Urban Microcredit program).

 Agrosor (General) (Micro Enterprise Loan).

 Agrosor- SEP ()

 Agrosor- MDP()

 Sufolon- (Agriculture-Livestock, Poultry, Dairy, Agriculture instrument and all kinds of Agriculture related program ).