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The progress of women in the country is eye-catching.

The progress of women in the country is eye-catching.

Category : Microfinance | Sub Category : Success History Posted on 2021-02-23 06:03:58


Success does not come overnight. Success requires time, talent and patience. At present, the progress of women in the country is eye-catching. Jahanara did not give up even though her family was indigent. Anuja has expanded her legs by capitalizing on hard work, dedication, honesty and talent. This move has made her a small industrialist indomitable woman in this society today. Anuj has been able to establish herself as a self-reliant woman by overcoming various adversities and overcoming adversity. She has become self-reliant and has provided employment to 200 more women. One such successful entrepreneur is Mst. Jahanara Begum, a resident of Dhamar village under Fulbaria police station in Mymensingh. She is a mother as well as a successful entrepreneur. She was born and raised in this village. She also got married to Md. Lal Miah of the same village. Studying did not become a family affair. She is building herself as an entrepreneur without studying, ignoring family barriers and the bloodshot eyes of the society. However, her path was not easy at all. They have had to face obstacles step by step. And these entrepreneurs show the dream of a prosperous Bangladesh. Their contribution in building Bangladesh as a developing country in the world court is impeccable. The story of becoming an entrepreneur despite being uneducated. She told us about the various challenges and possibilities of this path. We are organizing this time with the story of Jahanara Begum becoming an entrepreneur. Our PMK representative is giving details while talking to Mst. Jahanara Begum.


Want to know about yourself ?

I am Mst. Jahanara Begum, a resident of Dhamar village of Fulbaria police station in Mymensingh. I was my father,s only daughter. I currently have a son. Although I am uneducated, I have educated my child up to Masters. Not finding a job now he is also helping me in the factory with me. I am very well with my family.


I want to know the story of the beginning of becoming an entrepreneur ?

As her husband,s financial situation was not good, the economic crisis seemed to be their daily companion. In family life we ​​became disoriented. Basically, I became an entrepreneur with the goal of overcoming poverty and extreme poverty. The lack of our family, the cost of educating our children - all in all, we were in a very precarious position. My husband and me used to buy electric heater plates (coil making plates) from Savar and sell them in different factories. . There would be very little profit. Somehow my family continues in Tenetun. The biggest problem was that Savar is about 150 km from now. Being away meant a lot of hard work. The cost of transporting the goods would have been much higher. I used to go to their factory and sit and watch them closely. Then I keep weaving dreams in the corner of my own mind. I started dreaming of making plates in my own factory by purchasing machinery. But building a factory was not so easy. Step by step I face obstacles.


I want to know about the first loan taken from PMK ?

To build a factory, one needs an electric motor for processing raw materials, enough raw material for making goods, coal, two small tin houses and dice, which urgently requires about thirty thousand taka. But I had no cash. I remember that 2014. Next to my house there was an association of Palli Mongal Karmosuchi (PMK). Without delay, I was admitted to Dhamar No. 1 Women,s Association and started saving some things every week. And I keep on hoping. Then comes that Mahendrakshan. Most likely, on May 12, 2014, PMK gave me a loan of TK. 20,000. That,s when it started. And did not look back.


How many people work in your factory?

At present in my factory about 15-20 men and women work part time. I pay them part time 250-300 rupees based on their daily attendance. As such, I pay the workers around 90,000-100,000 rupees. Almost all the workers in my factory are women. So this earning helps them in their worldly work.


What are your future plans for women?

Women are still lagging behind in the social system. In the field, especially women are not able to stand with their heads held high. We want to work for the welfare of women, support for women,s employment and empowerment of women. Today I have been able to provide employment opportunities to 20 women of the village by investing my meager capital. If I get financial support, maybe I will be able to go a little further in the development of women. I want to work to build a society with backward, neglected and oppressed women. I want to make them self-reliant. And this is the purpose for which I will continue this path.


Evaluate PMK,s contribution to your success?

The products I produce are sold in large quantities in various coil making factories. I dream that one day my products will be established as a band in the name of my factory and I will be able to supply all over the country including Mymensingh. On that day maybe 400-500 women will be employed. At present a loan of TK. 100,000 / - is running from PMK. PMK,s financial support has taken me a long way today. We want to move forward with financial support in PMK in the future and create huge workplaces especially for women.






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