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Yasmeen is a successful entrepreneur.

Yasmeen is a successful entrepreneur.

Category : Microfinance | Sub Category : Success History Posted on 2021-02-22 09:09:39

There are many short stories at the bend of the path of ordinary people to become extraordinary. That story of faith, that story of hard work, that story of patience, that story of courage. The journey begins with the dream of turning around. There are many obstacles on the way. Whether you take the risk or not, the risk comes again. Stopping on the way does not mean that everything is over. You have to capitalize on self-confidence and stand up again. Success comes to those who stop and move on to the end. Similarly, Yasmeen, the founder of four organizations, and her husband Jalal Uddin are member. She grew up in a secluded village in the village of Paschimpara, Tongabari, Ashulia upazila, not far from Dhaka district. She was a lively person and always liked to be happy. She loved to dream. Her dream was to marry a prince and live happily ever after. She was married to a handsome young man just like the prince but there was no prosperity in the family. There was always a shortage. She lived an inhuman life with her two children, husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law, at great cost. Her mother-in-law had no access to medical treatment, clothing and clothing. In this situation, they decided to set up a cosmetics shop in Ashulia Bazar near their home. She started a cosmetics shop with some money she had saved for this purpose. After starting the shop, the demand of the people of the area for cosmetics products is increasing day by day. But due to financial difficulties she could not make the shop bigger. At the moment, she knew that Palli Mongal Karmosuchi (PMK), a non-governmental social development and entrepreneurial funding organization established in Zirabo, provides loans on easy terms by accepting short service charges.

Immediately contacted the branch manager of Jirab-2 branch of Palli Mongal Karmosuchi (PMK) and with the advice and cooperation of the branch manager she got admitted in Tongabari 10 Womens Association on 10-01-1995 and took a loan of Tk. 20,000 / - (twenty thousand).

The borrowed money is used to buy and sell goods for cosmetics shops and to make a profit. In this way, after several years, the member and her husband were able to realize that there was a large influx of foreign workers in the area. The workers feel the lack of food when they come to work and they advise member Yasmeen and her husband to set up a food hotel. On their advice she decided to give a cosmetics shop as well as a food hotel. Even though the decision was made, they felt short of money and immediately remembered their Palli Mongal Karmosuchi (PMK) and contacted the financing institution and in the 4th phase they took a loan of Tk 8,00,000/-(Eight Lac). Fulfill the dream. Today, its location has become a two-stored building. At present, two companies called Cafe Oyster Hotel and Department Store are doing business in Ashulia Bazar and this area. At present, 18 to 20 workers are working regularly and relentlessly in these two establishments, Cafe Oyster Hotel and Department Store. And Yasmin and her husband have become known as successful businessmen. Cafe Oyster Hotel & Department Store has reliable workers and as the two businesses are profitable, they start planning again and think about what kind of business can be profitable as well as provide nutrition and employment to some people in the country. As a result of this plan, the husband and wife set up a huge cattle and chicken farm named Oyster Dairy and Food Products and Layer Farm. At the beginning of this farm, the journey of the farm started with only 3 to 4 cows. Later, in collaboration with the Palli Mongal Karmosuchi (PMK), in the 6th phase, he took a loan of Tk. 12,00000/-(Twelve Lac) Cattle and poultry farms are also becoming profitable. At present, the total number of cows in the integrated farm is 41, out of which there are 18 dairy and pregnant cows. Dairy cows currently produce 60 liters of milk. The integrated farm currently has 4,500 egg-laying hens. Almost every hen is capable of producing eggs regularly. The integrated farm employs a total of 5 people. Here too their initiative has been successful and they hope to gradually bring more improvement and success. They become more optimistic as the above mentioned projects are successfully managed. In continuation of this, she used to conduct sewing training for some local boys and girls with some sewing machines. Seeing the lucrative business of various knit and garment factories in the vicinity, she started dreaming of opening a knit composite factory herself. The Palli Mongal Karmosuchi (PMK) once again extended a helping hand to fulfill her dream. In the last 7th phase, in collaboration with PMK, she took a loan of Tk.1500000/-(Fifteen Lac). She has now created more than 100 jobs on two floors of a two-stored building. Those who are working in her organization are working with great satisfaction. Stabilization and pension arrangements with maximum benefits for the employees.


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